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September 24, 2008


Jackie W.

Too funny! I loved the way you described it - it made it all that more funny!


This is hilarious! your narration is even funnier! I got your email..I'm not sure if I'll be in town that weekend, but I will get in contact with you if I end up being able to make it... thanks for the invite :) that is super sweet of you. Congrats to your husband, I am sure it is just a matter of time now that he's so VERY close- that is awesome :)
Take care,

Michelle H

OMG! That is SO funny! I needed that laugh! You son's face is priceless too! OMG! The innocence in that face - adorable! I'd forgive those big blue eyes!! TFS!


Okay now - I volunteer to be suspects lawyer - pro-bono! We will prove he was set up! He's innocent I tell you! INNOCENT!

Oh Jeanna - tooooo funnnny!!! I love it! I sure miss these little guys! Big hugs and kisses!
"Auntie" Linda

Regina Cornelius

oh how cute that is....on some one else's kiddo! you gotta love the look on his sweet little his face! this gives you an excuse to head out to town on a lipstick shopping spree, right?
on second thought...maybe he didn't do it....it could have been elmo...elmo could have been holding him down in the bathtub while smearing lipstick all over his face and it only got on the walls and vanity becuase your little on was trying to get away....could have happened that way... ;)


Oh look at his beautiful face......he is just too cute for words.
I miss things like this now that my children are grown up.

Melanie aka Batgirl

too funny! glad I'm not alone!


Wow does that bring back memories! My son of whom is now 13 , and also miriclously survived, when he was 4 decided to get up in the middle of the night and play! My niece who was staying the night saw the bathroom light on and took a look.She then informed me that I had just adopted a little "black & red" boy! My son had colored his arms,( quite well I might add) with my mascara and lipstick all over his face!! Trying to hold back the laughter grabbed my camera to show dad when he returned from his business trip and see what consequences he would have. The scrubbing bath was probably punishment enough!!! Oh the memories, yah gotta love them!!! They don't stay small for long!! Nancy

Rose Ann

Oh my gosh...too cute to get mad at, huh? I bet he will love these pictures when they are posted at his graduation party. Lol!

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