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April 25, 2009


Anne Claire A.

I'll challenge myself and sign up for Cheep Talk. Thanks for doing this!

Julie Ramos

Hello there! I would like to join the Trendy Trees Group! Can't wait!

Barbara Jean Smith

Hello Round Two!! The first round was so much fun. I loved having a "deadline" to push my creativity. Please sign me up for the following swaps: PUN FUN, SOFT SUMMER, CHEEP TALK and CHEERS. I can't wait to get started...I am pulling my set out now!

Missi Hackman

I would love to sign up for Soft summer and Cheers to you!

Jan Waters

Hi Jeanna,

I would like to sign up for the Fun Pun.

Thanks - Jan


I'll check tonight to see if I have any of these. I sure hope so. This swap-thing sounds like lots of fun!


I liked the brown background better... hehehe

Rachel Taasaas

Please sign me up for Cheers to You and Soft Summer!
~Rachel Taasaas

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

Hey there...WOO HOO...another swap!! I wish I had more of these sets so I could join them all but all I have is Pun Fun so SIGN ME UP!! I can't wait to get started!
Thanks so very much for these swaps Jeanna, the last one was absolutely AMAZING!! It blew me away!

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

Hi Jeanna,
Just another note to let you know that I posetd a link on my blog to let everyone know about your swap. It was just too good not to share.
WOO HOO! Have a great day!


Hi! I have a thought, it might be fun to mix it up, you get one of each of the other's back, like 7 sets, 7 people for each, all #1's swap, all #2's, etc. That way you are getting a larger variety of cards. I think you are doing this so that people have variety on certain sets they can show their customer's but I would be more inclined to participate if I got a variety back. Anyway, just food for though. I can't do it this month- but looking forward to see what sets you pick for next month! :)

missi Hackman

After receiving all my great trades I want to sign up for another set this month in addition to the ones I already signed up for. Add me to Pun Fun and Trendy Trees.

Who needs sleep anyway.


Kristy Luccketta

Hi Jeanna- Please sign me up for Cheep Talk!

Kate Cecil

Jeanna, what a fabulous idea. I'd love to signup for Cheep Talk.

Kristi Kelly

I had a bad experience with my last group swap. I did 25 cards and worked really hard on them and used lots of paper & accessories and paid $10 in postage to get them there and back & the return swaps got lost in the mail. So I'm a little leary about doing another mailed swap. I'd like to sign up for Soft Summer. Before you send the swaps back to me I'd like to make sure that they're sent back to me certified in case they get lost I can track them. Thanks Kristi Kelly

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

Ok, I'd like to sign up for Cheep Talk too please. Thanks Jeanna!!

Tonya Allen

hey! I'm glad you found my blog. Thanks for inviting me to your swap. It sounds fun! I'll sign up for Pun Fun and Trendy Trees. Oh and maybe Cheep Talk too. Why not, right? lol I wish I could do them all! I don't have Cheers to You yet, but it's on my want list. Thanks again and I am looking forward to participating!

Rachel Taasaas

Ok, I'm done making my Swaps, I just need to know where to mail them to. Could you please send me your mailing address? Thanks! Looking forward to all the great ideas!

Jenna Cotton

This sounds great! I want to sign up for Trendy Trees!!

Jenna Cotton


I would like to do Cheers to You. Thanks for hosting!

Barbara Dykhouse

I'll take the last spot in Trendy Trees!

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